During summer break in high school I nannied for a family and the mom had a professional bakery in the basement of her house. If the kids were napping or at a sports practice, I would help roll fondant balls and watch wide-eyed as she and her staff of five made intricate and detailed wedding cakes. Fast forward 5 years. When I lived in St. Louis I signed up for a cake decorating class for fun and starting experimenting with recipes, finding the perfect combination of ingredients for different flavors of cake. When we moved from St. Louis to Springfield, IL we knew we would not be there long term, so I took the opportunity to work full time in a bakery as a professional cake decorator. It was here that I got fast at decorating and did my first “outside” order. Upon relocating to South Dakota I started a hobby cake business by taking cupcakes to the local farmers market which turned into multiple special orders a week.

At the farmer's market
At the farmer’s market in South Dakota!

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