About The Name

In February of 2014 I wrote about “These Paths”.

To summarize the passage, I was having doubts about standing up and sharing a message with a church congregation on a cold, Sunday morning. I wasn’t sure what reason I had to be in a pulpit talking to a group of people.

Then I had a realization that all of us are on different paths in life. We are all traveling towards different destinations and encountering different sights and obstacles along the way. Sometimes our paths overlap, or we travel the same ones as others for awhile. I was OK to get up and talk to that group of people looking for a message, hope, or guidance on that Sunday morning, because I knew all I was doing was sharing the view from where I currently stood in my life.

We all make plans and hope for things and I see small prayers in the actions we take to pursue our plans. We do not know the outcome or what’s ahead on our chosen path, but we know there is a greater purpose and we trust in that.We recognize the certainty in the uncertainty.

That’s what I intend for this site to hold. It will be filled with posts about runningrecipes, and awful stories like locking ourselves out of a new apartment or accidentally shaving my husband’s head bald…. because those are real things in my life. But it will also hold reflections, plans, hopes, and stories of change on all these paths of home, career, family, and friends.

Wherever you may be on your path, I am so glad that ours crossed here for a moment. Please feel free to look around and stay awhile. Hopefully you will take something away with you.

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