On Wednesday I was walking Gunner and I saw 13 robins sitting in a tree. 13. I was confused and my heart jumped a bit with hope. It’s been four years since I have spent a January in Ohio, but from what I can remember growing up here, and what I know of the places I have spent Januaries over the last few years, robins are a sign that spring is around the corner.

But let’s be real – there is no way that spring can be arriving in Ohio on January 14th.

January 14th in Ohio means at least two more months of possible snow storms and headache inducing skies plastered gray, and salt built-up on cars, and scraping windshields, and fingers and toes turning white and blue. January in Ohio means get ready for February – typically the roughest winter month for the Buckeye state.

So why the robins? Why the sunshine? Why the weekend forecast showing temps in the mid to upper 40s?

The meteorologists have provided thorough explanations of pressure systems and shifting fronts. I’ve heard some people say bitterly that this little weather warm-up is just a tease…

But I can’t help but think, couldn’t it also be a reminder? A suggestion that the cold and gray dinge of winter – and any hardship in our lives for that matter – is only temporary? That eventually the sun will return and daffodils will poke their yellow faces up and all of this too shall pass?

I still wanted an explanation for the group of robins in the tree so I searched it. One of the top results listed was an article on OSU’s website from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources; “Robins No Longer a Sign of Spring,” the headline rang out. I felt the impractical hope from my gut reaction to the robin sighting on Wednesday dim.

Spring is not coming now. But it will. And until then, whatever explanation you find for the warm weather this weekend, I hope you enjoy it like I plan to – wearing sunglasses, walking dogs, drinking a margarita, and feeling the sunshine on my skin.

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