A Wager on the Future

Do not be discouraged.

An offering of hope.

There is a purpose and a point and the arrival will happen. You will get there. It is what to do with all of this time in between that hangs us up. The unknowing. Our impatience. The frustrations that occur when we place our happiness and fate in the hands of others.


Maybe I was wrong.

Fading conviction.

A journey can be started by taking physical action towards a goal or by acknowledging a whisper in our mind. But too often journeys are halted. Derailed. Abandoned altogether. A mark of our fear of commitment realized in delay and avoidance.


What if I devote all of my time, what if I make all of these sacrifices, and my efforts amount to a royal, terrible, awful, foul, flop?

A doubt in ourselves.

We are so charmed by the normalcy and ease that a comfortable job, a five-year-plan, and the approval of others offers, that we can be quick to abandon our passions. Quick to give into fear. Quick to avoid. We seek validation in a shiny title, a robust year-end bonus, and pats on the back. But are we satisfied? Are we fulfilled?

Or are we hiding?

Living a lesser version of ourselves?

We fail to realize that sometimes when we take the most comfortable route, we also take the most crippling route. Placing ourselves in a box. Conforming to expectations. Silencing our true ambitions.


“Once you have money and are established, then you will have the means and flexibility to do what you really want.”

An unfeeling declaration.

How often have we heard this? Been tempted by it? It’s true; things could be easier with more resources. But will we ever feel satisfied? Will we ever feel established and secure enough to chase what we want? Or, once we do feel we have built a solid foundation to pursue other dreams, will our window have closed? Will our sun have set?


Failure is a mark of progress.

A grain of truth.

Failure is too often seen as a detriment. A weakness. An end. Why not a teacher? Why not gained knowledge? Why not a new beginning? We are resilient. If we fail, we know to take another route on the next attempt. Pursue another angle. Failure means that we are trying. Failure means we are brave.

Stay the course.

A firm suggestion.

Look at what you admire. Look at what you value. Don’t look to others. What do you want?

Like the seasons, our hearts change. Our goals change. Our desires change. It is written in the natural progression of life. We are a series of reinventions of ourselves made possible only through living, failing, learning, and trying again. What are our lives if we are not willing to pursue our goals and act on our desires as we move through the progressions? How dynamic could be if we did?


Do not be discouraged.

            A wager on the future.



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