When working towards a goal it is good to have landmarks along the way.

Not these guys:

Or this geyser:

Or this national treasure:

(Although, sometimes while working towards a goal you feel like you are climbing Mt. Rushmore, you are spewing profanities at a faster rate than Old Faithful’s water output, and you find yourself bargaining with the higher powers that be to I-Dream-of-Jeanie-You to a sidewalk cafe in Paris.)

The landmarks I’m talking about are the little stops along the way you work towards to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with the whole task.

Often, when I’m on a run I’ll tell myself; “just make it to that tree” – and as soon as I get to THAT tree I’ll say – “just make it to that curve ahead”, and so on and so forth until I make it to the end of my run.

So far this week I have hit two big landmarks.

First, I clocked my 5 mile long run on Sunday in at 44:10.

And second, I decorated a FULL sheet cake.

5 miles at 44:10 means I am averaging an 8:47 / mile pace – which is A LOT faster than my pace from the half marathon I ran 2 years ago. This is huge encouragement to keep following my training program even when I’m tired or sore or would rather curl up on the couch with a tub of ice cream and a spoon.

A full sheet cake feeds 96 people. NINETY SIX! This is the biggest cake I have ever decorated. Do you know how many pounds a full sheet cake weighs? A lot. If I start decorating more of these I may be able to cut down on some reps at the gym.

Celebrating landmarks is important!

The next time you feel like you are climbing Mount Rushmore, you are spewing a list of profanities, and you are wishing you could morph out of your life and into a Paris sidewalk cafe – pick a landmark.

Make it one more hour, tackle cleaning ONE floor, send out one more application, make it to the next tree!

Before you know it, your work day is over, the house is clean, you’ve landed the dream position… you’ve reached the finish line.


My first full sheet cake – Susie is going to enjoy her retirement watching every Cards game!
A case worth of chocolate devil dogs. Chocolate cake, whipped cream, more chocolate cake, covered with chocolate ganache, garnished with more whipped cream and chocolate shavings or a cherry!
Confirmation of registration for the St. Louis Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon!

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